An alternative strategy to Trident in times of need

A long-time supporter of disarmament, Fabian has supported the recent report from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) which seeks to expose weaknesses in the current government review of nuclear security.

Britain's existing strategic defense includes the continued deployment of one or more Trident nuclear submarines on patrol and concealed, able to deploy nuclear missiles should the need arise. Opponents of Trident point out the enormous cost of the use of the US defence system and argue that nuclear defence strategy - the ultimate deterrent - is a myth.

Fabian has been a member of the CND for many years and is currently very critical of the need to spend a total of some £100 Billion over a period of twenty years which is what is needed to renew the current fleet of submarines, missiles and warheads. Along with members of the CBD, Fabian argues that the money would be spent much more effectively in maintaining credible UK defence forces and softening the cuts to public services, At present the UK has no aircraft carrier, is savagely reducing the size of the regular army and other forces and is imposing crippling hardship on some of the most vulnerable groups in society.

The CND report - The Real Alternative - criticises the government for not considering a 'no replacement' option within its review of Trident defense strategy. Fabian calls for this option to be fully analysed and debated. He was very pleased to lend his support to a CND demonstration on the steps of Leeds Civic Hall on Monday 15th July 2013.

To read the CND report, The Real Alternative, - Click here