Fabian Chairs Turkey APPG

On the 5th July 2011, as outgoing Chair, Fabian conducted the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Turkey where he was re-elected by fellow Members.

Fabian considers Turkey to be a very important player in European and World affairs and this is why he has devoted some of his energy to the work of the APPG. Fabian says,

"Turkey is a large country both in area and population that lies at the junction of Europe and the countries and culture of the Middle East. It has an economy that is growing quickly and a population with an age profile that is much younger than other European countries. Its people are predominantly Muslim yet the country is proudly secular in its democratic institutions. Turkey has applied and been waiting patiently to be able to join the European Union. I believe membership of the EU is vitally important not only for Turkey but also for the rest of Europe including the UK. Europe needs the larger market to emerge more quickly from stagnation and recession. European countries will need the economic contribution Turkish citizen can make to the economy providing goods and services to help the ageing communities of other countries."

The Turkish Ambassador gave members of the APPG an update to the recent General Election after the AGM. The AK Justice and Development Party led by Mr Recap Tayip Erdogan was re-elected on the 12th June 2011.

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