Winterbourne Care Home Scandal

Fabian has submitted the following questions to the Health Minsiter following the alarming BBC Panorama programme exposing the abuse of vulnerable adults in the Winterbourne View Care Home in Bristol

To read the initial response from the Health Minister and the full Ministerial Statement - Click here

Response to questions 2, 9 & 10 concerning Care Quality Commission - Click here

  1. What sancions does he intend to take against the private sector company involved in the abuses at Winterbourne View?.
  2. How he intends to shake up the Care Quality Commission to ensure that it is able to act as a genuine monitor of care quality for learning disabled and other vulnerable groups?.
  3. What safeguards does he intend to introduce to ensure that the abuse documented at Winterbourne View by the BBC 'Panorama' programme can never be repeated?.
  4. Whether he intends to put in place safeguards which will ensure that the high quality care of vulnerable people in homes or hospitals comes before profits for shareholders in privately run institutions?.
  5. How can he justify spending three and a half thousand pounds per week for every learning diabled person who is cared for in a home or hospital when the service employs abusive and unqualified staff?.
  6. What steps he intends to take to ensure that the skills of staff in care homes and hospitals are improved so that attitudes are more positive towards people with learning disabilities and complex needs?.
  7. What steps he will take to ensure that all care homes and hospitals will be much more open to public scrutiny in the future?.
  8. Why the Mansell Report on people with complex needs has been ignored by providers and commissioners?.
  9. Why did the Care Quality Commission fail to follow up information given to it about the abuse of patients at Winterbourne View?.
  10. Why has the Care Quality Commission reduced its staffing levels and removed its learning disability experts?.
  11. Whether the specialist skills of learning disability social work and care management staff in local authorities are being put at risk by the cost saving measures being adopted by local authorities?.
  12. What safeguards were put in place at Winterbourne View to prevent the abuse of the deprivation of liberty of patients?.
  13. Why there is not a mandatory level of training and qualification for staff who work at institutions for the learning disabled?.
  14. Why staff at institutions like Winterbourne View, who are responsible for the care of vulnerable people, are not offered higher levels of qualification and training?.
  15. Why were patients at Winterbourne View not given the chance to live in a more ordinary environment?.
  16. Why patients on the locked ward at Winterbourne View were not involved in any kind of purposeful activity or offered the opportunity to develop themselves and work towards more independence?.
  17. Why were patients in the locked ward at Winterbourne View not offered an external advocacy service?.
  18. Why Winterbourne View - the subject of the BBC 'Panorama' programme broadcast on May 31st - was allowed to be located on an industrial estate with no connection to local people or communities?.
  19. Why vulnerable people with learning disabilities are still being placed in locked wards?.
  20. Why Learning Disability Commissioners in local authorities are continuing to purchase places in large learning disability hospitals which remove those placed there from their community and their family?.
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