Yorkshire Ripper

Appeal Court Decision 14th January 2011

At the Appeal Court hearing today, judges rejected the appeal by the `Yorkshire Ripper', Peter Sutcliffe against the decision of the High Court to impose on him the whole-life sentence meaning that he must die in prison following his conviction for the murder of 13 women in Yorkshire and the north of England some 30 years ago. In arguing that his mental state at the time had not been taken into consideration by his trial, Sutcliffe was holding out the hope of sometime being released on parole. This possibility is now rejected leaving Sutcliffe only with the possibility of appeal to the House of Lords.

Fabian has consistently campaingned for there to be no possibility of the release of this man and has supported the family of one of the victims, Wilma McCann, whose body was discovered in the constituency.

Speaking today Fabian said, "The prospect that Sutcliffe might ever be one day released onto the streets of the UK would create a nightmare for everyone who had been concerned with the tragedies and the murder investigations. While has has the right to appeal, like every other prisoner, he should be under no illusions that society could ever trust him again to be at liberty in the community".