Fabian Hamilton - Member of Parliament for Leeds North East

Fighting for fairness justice and equality

Windrush Statement

Responding to the treatment of the Windrush Generation by the Home Office, Fabian Hamilton MP said:

“Some of the largest communities of the ‘Windrush Generation’ and their children is based in Chapeltown in my Leeds North East constituency. Many came to Britain following the Second World War to help rebuild this country, while others served alongside British troops in the First and Second World Wars. They have paid their taxes, their national insurance and have contributed so much more to our society. They are effectively citizens of this country who have been wrongfully put in detention, denied health care under the NHS and, in some cases, deported in error.

It is a disgrace that so many people from  the ‘Windrush Generation’ are now being asked to prove that they can remain in this country. This has been allowed to happen on the current Home Secretary’s watch, and it is now time for the Prime Minister to show some leadership, step in, and ensure that all those affected by this scandal are given the formal right to stay in the country that has become their own over fifty or more years and to now be given British citizenship.”